Documentary: Canary in the Mine

In March 2012, AREA Fund provided a grant to the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University for their asbestos documentary “Canary in the Mine by Caritaps Productions”. The grant was to assist with distribution to film festivals across Canada, including press kits. They were successful in getting the documentary shown at ten screenings throughout 2011 and 2012.

Here’s what the film’s creators had to say about their documentary: “Canary in the Mine is a chronicle of some of the people most affected by the production of controversial Chrysotile asbestos in Canada. For more than a century, families have watched their loved ones die horrific deaths and been lied to, ignored, and patronized by the Canadian Government. Without any sign of remorse, the government stands idly by while the blue collar victims pass deadly ailments on to their children, affecting generations of Canadians — many of whom have no knowledge of their exposure until being diagnosed with a fatal disease years later.”

Watch the trailer for Canary in the Mine on YouTube.

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