2014 Walk for Truth

Asbestos-related diseases are the #1 occupational killer in BC and each year the number of deaths continues to climb. We are all at risk for exposure to asbestos; products containing asbestos are in our homes, our work places and our public buildings. Walk for Truth raises awareness of the hazards of asbestos, honours all asbestos victims and raises funds for asbestos-related research, education and advocacy projects.

The 2014 Walk for Truth is over and it was a success!

Over 100 people turned out in the summer heat for AREA Fund’s third annual “Walk for Truth” event. Participants walked 2 km carrying signs about the hazards of asbestos and tossed 107 daisies into McGuffie Creek in honour of the 107,000 people that the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates die each year due to asbestos.

We sincerely appreciate the effort that people made to attend the event, the community support, and of course the support from all of our sponsors, donors, and volunteers. Again this year, we received many compliments regarding the information shared by our guest speakers:

  • Nancy Falconer, Canadian Cancer Society, Health Promotion Coordinator

  • Dave Formosa, Powell River Mayor

  • Scott McCloy, WorkSafeBC, Director of Government, Community & Media Relations

  • Larry Stoffman, Occupational Health & Safety Specialist

Some Numbers to Share

  • We had a slightly smaller turnout this year due to the heat and it being a summer event, but not by much. More than 100 people came out to show their support.

  • About 75 people signed the Ban Asbestos Petition.

  • Individuals were very generous again this year, donating over $3,000.

  • Unions, companies and organizations were also very generous providing more than $15,000 in sponsorships and donations.

  • With the funds raised this year, to date AREA Fund has received over $100,000 of support.

Passing the Torch

The 2014 Walk for Truth was AREA Fund's last event. We're a very small grassroots charity and one of the two organizers of the event was recently diagnosed with MS and needs to focus on her health, at his time.

However, we're very excited to announce that there will continue to be an asbestos awareness walk in BC, thanks to Phil Venoit of IBEW (also President of the Vancouver Island Building Construction Trades Council). Phil has confirmed that the Vancouver Island Building Construction Trades Council will host an asbestos awareness walk next spring in Victoria!

When available, we will post information about the 2015 walk in Victoria on our website.

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Event Photos!

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Please click to see photos.


Check out YouTube videos to learn more about AREA Fund and the Walk for Truth

"Walk for Truth" Annual Awareness Event - by WorkSafeBC

AREA Fund's annual walk raises funds for asbestos-related projects and raises awareness of the hazards of asbestos - Canada's #1 occupational killer.

YouTube Video Clip - only 4 minutes long!

YouTube Video Clip - only 4 minutes long!

AREA Fund & It's Annual Charity Walk - by Shaw TV

AREA Fund was created by the Ford family after losing a loved one to mesothelioma. They created AREA Fund and host an annual charity walk in Powell River, BC.

YouTube Video Clip - only 3 minutes long!

YouTube Video Clip - only 3 minutes long!