Health defenders challenge scientific and ethical misconduct

Over 130 scientists, health defenders and civil society organisations have sent a letter to the European Cancer Prevention Organisation (ECPO) regarding serious scientific and ethical improprieties in an article on asbestos published by the organisation’s official scientific journal, the European Cancer Prevention Journal. Signatories of the letter feel that Dr. La Vecchia’s conduct is incompatible with holding the position of Associate Editor of the ECPO’s official European Journal of Cancer Prevention and is incompatible with being a member of its International Advisory Board. The letter requests that Dr. La Vecchia’s position as Associate Editor of the journal and his position as a member of the International Advisory Board be terminated. It also urges them to publish a correction of the inaccurate information that was put forward in the article by Drs. La Vecchia and Boffetta.

Thank you RightOnCanada for your tireless advocacy work.