Mesothelioma risk after 40 years since first exposure to asbestos: a pooled analysis

The study looked at whether the risk of mesothelioma continues to increase after more than 40 years since first exposure to asbestos. There is evidence that the rate of increase in the incidence for pleural mesothelioma reduces at about 45 years since first exposure while peritoneal mesothelioma continues to increase. So, while the rate of increase appears to start to level out after 4050 years no one survives long enough for the excess risk to disappear. 

Click here for a PDF of the study.

Free on-line course: "Occupational and Environmental Cancer: Recognition and Prevention"

This free on-line course, "Occupational and Environmental Cancer: Recognition and Prevention", available on the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety website, is for physicians and other health care providers.

The course teaches primary health care providers how to recognize occupational and environmental cancers and how to respond to this finding. Insights are provided into how the recognition of occupational and environmental cancer risks can lead to prevention. Case studies will highlight key points and allow participants to apply lessons learned.

IHSA's Occupational Health Risk Booklets

Check out IHSA's occupational health risk booklets !  These booklets, created by Ontario's Infrastructure Health & Safety Association (IHSA), contain prevention information for workers and a diagnostic toolkit for physicians and primary health providers. They are available for many trades on IHSA's website. Type "diagnostic toolkit for physicians" into their search window. The last two pages of each four-page booklet are to be provided to your doctor; they give your doctor information about the health risks of your job.