Julius Hava
Passed Away March 2012


Julius was diagnosed with malignant pleural mesothelioma of the left side as well as pericardium was affected with the cancer growth. We had no treatment what so ever. Only doctor in Ontario who operates this condition FIRED Julius and left us with no doctor.

Asbestos did not change our life, the ignorance of Canadian government and lack of any treatment did. In Canada, mesothelioma is considered an occupational disease and it falls under the WSIB. We were recommended to Dr. Deperrot in Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. Since Julius asked more questions about the disease and operation than the doctor wanted to answer and since Julius asked for a second opinion, the doctor fired Julius and left us with no help. Julius did not want chemotherapy or radiation. We were left on our own in the country that claims to be a best country in the world since we have a free public health. Truth is – we did not have any medical help what so ever. 

We got a thoracic surgeon who would drain the fluid from the pleura once a month. Later on Julius had “installed” a permanent drainage tube and was drained every second day by a home nurse. Just a family doctor was taking “care” of Julius by prescribing enormous amount of morphine. We asked for CT scan, as recommended by radiologist (after the regular ex-ray), but we were asked “what for?” suggesting that it is a waste of money for someone considered dead already.

Since last October I am being told that my husband has about 2 – 3 weeks to live. Two weeks ago, in March, I was told that he has a week to live, maybe two. He is still alive but he is dying of desperation for not being able to get the medical help he needs. The meso has spread to his right side (just a traces of fluid), to his tummy and especially to his liver. His feet are very swollen, but nobody does anything – again since he is going to die anyway. I am absolutely desperate. I want to help my husband. I am terrified every morning that I will find my husband dead in his bed. On March 12, 2012 I had to call 911 since Julius’ heart beat was 210 beat per minute. It would go up and down between 155 – 210 beats. Julius got a heart medication only to wait to see his children. I was told that he would not make it alive from the hospital. He did. March 14 we took him home. He did not want to die. He was fighting to live. Finally, March 23, 2012 his heart gave up forever. It was the morning after my birthday.

Julius was a geologist who worked for Federal Government in the mid to late 1980’s. His boss at that time was interested ONLY in promoting asbestos rather than to take the whole job seriously. Julius was not involved in promoting asbestos or asbestos in general. He was a base metal specialist. Any time he would need his boss’ signature, he was not available because the asbestos was the “hot stuff”.  It needed attention to be heavily promoted even though the first documented death from asbestos dates back to 1908!