Asbestos-related diseases are the number one occupational killer in Canada. AREA Fund was created by the Ford Family in 2010 to provide a funding source for the wide variety of asbestos-related research, education, and advocacy projects that individuals and organizations are undertaking in Canada. To this end, AREA Fund hosts an annual event to raise funds for and awareness of asbestos-related diseases.

AREA Fund Mission - To raise funds for asbestos-related research, education and advocacy projects, and to raise awareness of the devastating effects of asbestos use.



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Breathtaking - Documentary by Kathleen Mullen
A Canadian filmmaker's personal investigation into the present-day use of asbestos.


Fatal Deception - Documentary on CBC The National
Is the federal government relying on junk science to justify its support for re-opening asbestos mines in Quebec?

hiddenkiller.ca - WorkSafeBC's Asbestos Specific Website
Asbestos videos, FAQs for homeowners, what to do if you're exposed, where asbestos can be found, etc.