Dave Ford
June 5, 1938 to October 18, 2008

Dave Ford

Dave Ford

Dave was born in Bristol, England on June 5th, 1938 and came to Canada in 1964 with his wife Lesley. After short stays in Saskatoon, Vancouver and Squamish, they made their home on the Sunshine Coast where they raised their family.

As a young man, Dave was an avid athlete; he swam and cycled competitively in England. Once in Canada, with a family to care for, he shared his passion for sports by coaching and sponsoring a youth soccer team. In earlier years, he was an active member of Kinsmen, a community volunteer service. Dave always found time to attend his kids' ball games, chaperone at Cub Camps, and help out at school sports days and other activities. A big kid at heart, Dave designed and built unique Halloween costumes for his kids and hosted a neighbourhood Halloween bonfire/fireworks display for many years.

He also loved Christmas and spent as much time goofing around as the kids did. Dave’s grandchildren loved his silly antics and called him their magical Granddad. Summers were spent on beautiful Savary Island where Dave and Lesley built a family summer home, one small step at a time, over more than 30 years - a true labour of love.

Although Dave enjoyed many things, his real passion was for electronics. At a young age he chose this field of work because (in his words) electricity always fascinated him. He was a highly skilled electrician who worked all his life in industry. Dave was an electrical foreman at the local pulp and paper mill where he worked for over 30 years.  His interest in electronics and desire to be his own boss led to the start-up of his own security alarm company. Dave was enjoying a well-deserved retirement with family and friends, prior to his diagnosis of mesothelioma in 2007.

Dave showed great strength of character throughout his illness, which shattered not only the lives of his family, but also those of close friends. It was even more devastating when his family learned how little appeared to be known about recognizing and treating mesothelioma, and how little support and information was readily available. Considering that mesothelioma is a cancer most frequently contracted as a direct result of workers being exposed to asbestos while carrying out their occupation, Dave’s family was greatly surprised to discover that there was no fund in Canada for asbestos-related cancer initiatives. In loving memory of Dave, and in the hopes that the situation could be improved for others, his family decided to create the AREA Fund.

A true people-person, Dave always found time to spend with family and friends, telling stories, lending a helping hand, or just hanging out. As a special gift for his 70th birthday, Dave’s family created “Daveology”; a collection of tall tales, unique quotes, questionable advice and other tidbits from Dave’s life, capturing the essence of a life filled with family, friends and adventure. Memories of time spent with Dave will always be treasured - his presence will truly be missed.