Clayton Fernie
December 9, 1946 to June 8, 2010


My brother was an extremely talented tradesman; we both worked for many years in the wall and ceiling industry doing t-bar ceilings and drywall - he did a lot of ceiling tile. My brother was involved in Kung-fu and kick boxing for many years, and was a non-drinker and non-smoker. He had four grandchildren the youngest one he is holding in this photo. He died within 5 months of being diagnosed. He spent many years working in his trade in Kamloops; he was very well known. He will be missed greatly by his family.

We were never told about it being in the fire rated ceiling tile. I believe that WorkSafe are covering for the employers. They paid out approximately $7,000 for my brother's life. But how many foreign workers are being murdered by this product (murder by profit) all to make these people rich. I currently have one hundred and sixty signatures and addresses on a petition to ban the export or use of this product.